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Caddyshack are a specialist team of B2B Value Creation Experts. 

We provide strategic business support growth advice combined with operational sales and marketing support to ambitious businesses.

Caddyshack was founded in 2011 in response to the growing need for specialist business advisory and sales & marketing expertise combined with an in-depth operational understanding of markets within which we have deep experience. 

​The objective since then has been to help clients focus on creating business value and driving shareholder growth.

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Caddyshack provides flexible CEO level resource for business owners who require mentoring and business strategy support.

We help realise clients’ merger, acquisition and exit strategies.

We also help clients win more business and achieve a higher Return on Investment (ROI) from their sales and marketing activities through our expert, flexible resource.

​We know how hard it is to succeed as a growing business.

We’re here to bring entrepreneurial dreams to life, by helping you achieve exponential growth over time, with proven strategies that let you focus on what YOU do best.