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Drive New Business

At Caddyshack, we work in partnership with clients to establish an effective B2B demand generation programme for their businesses.

We have developed and mastered a B2B lead generation model, which has been successful in generating high-quality leads, time and time again.

Focused mainly on Outbound Marketing activities, our programmes continuously deliver high quality, new leads and opportunities and valuable market insight.

Our demand generation model has quickly transformed clients’ sales lead pipelines.



Sales Focus

Within many small and medium enterprises, the ‘sales director’ function is usually performed by either the business principal, managing director or a non-sales functional manager.

This typically results in a lack of focus and with the results of sales activities being less than expected.

Caddyshack offers a virtual sales consultant resource who can work hand in hand with your internal team.

Our flexible sales consultant resource can meet and visit customers, coordinate proposals and deliver sales presentations.

Your virtual sales consultant will be on hand at all times for a fraction of the cost of a full hire.

Caddyshack’s flexible sales consultant resource combined with our demand generation team providing you with a high powered experienced on-demand Sales department.



Get unstuck quickly with 1:1 advice

Do you want to work fewer hours or to step out of your business completely? 

Have you employed the right people and are they performing to your standards? Are you generating the cash flow and profitability you want from your business?

Are you attracting interest, converting leads and creating lifetime customers?

Whatever challenges you're facing we can provide the expertise, perspective and accountability you've been missing

Our mentors are here to help when:

  • Your growth has stalled due to a world crisis

  • You have nobody to discuss your growth strategy with

  • You’ve got ideas but want validation before executing

  • You are burned out and need to vent your frustrations

Don’t go it alone, speak with Graham, our Managing Partner.

We have supported business leaders through our mentorship service for over ten years.



Business Strategy Focus

Business is all about creating value – for yourself, your customers, your employees and society as a whole.

However, driving sustainable business growth is only part of the picture.

Business innovation, operational and management effectiveness are also key aspects in creating long term business value.

We understand the pain involved in trading in an increasingly competitive and the constant need to ‘productise’ your service offerings to differentiate your business from your competitors.

Caddyshack provides flexible CEO level resource that helps businesses by providing direction and facilitating managed execution to deliver sustainable growth.

At Caddyshack, we collaboratively work with client business principals and senior stakeholders to create and realise the value in their businesses.

If you require an experienced, ‘heavyweight’ Non-Executive presence on your board we can help.



Managing the future

Thinking about life without your business is hard, but planning your business exit strategy is unavoidable.

Taking control now will ensure you get the maximum value out of your business and achieve ‘top dollar’.

Unlike traditional M&A and Exit Business Consultancies, with large upfront fees and a city-first approach to acquisition, we work hard as possible to find clients the best possible opportunities.

We do all the hard yards to help clients find, engage and complete one or more details.

We have identified potential acquirers and partner organisations for clients, through a network of trusted contacts developed over many years.

We also enjoy long-standing partner relationships with Capital Investment Funds, Private Equity, Accountancy and Legal firms.

So if your business requires investment funding or new clients for growth situations or even requires vendor or buyer sourcing, we can help.