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Caddyshack is an independent firm consisting of a small, curated team of  trusted experts and consultants.

Our team is led by Graham Ede and Andrew Johnson and possess over 70 years’ combined experience in the growth, sale, acquisition, and merger of privately held businesses.

We have also developed long-standing partner relationships with firms that have helped us deliver a wide range of specialist services our clients have needed.



Managing Partner

An accomplished, ideas-driven business entrepreneur, having built and managed organisations of over 350 people, with an energetic, enthusiastic leadership style whilst not losing an eye for the details that create special places to work.

Graham has also held non-Executive Directorship roles within several client organisations, mentoring client CEOs and advising them on preparedness for change, exit strategies and succession planning.

In a recent Advisory role, he has facilitated the process of 3 distinct contact centre service businesses forming part of Yonder Digital Group, a newly created larger contact centre services group.

Graham consulted with this group for 2 years, creating the Branding and positioning from scratch and helping with the Group’s post-acquisition strategy post; restructuring the senior management team and making the business fit for purpose for investment moving forward. Graham worked closely with the senior management team and founders to position the business for sale which was successfully concluded with a sale to a global private equity business.

More recently, Graham formed his own independent strategic business consultancy and two years later also became the principal architect of What Car? Connect; a joint-venture enterprise with Haymarket Media Group he created a new business unit Connect, within the Haymarket Group in a joint venture partnership. 

Graham has a great deal of experience in large transformation and driving rapid growth of small to medium-size businesses, either organically or through strategic acquisitions and partnerships. 



Direct Marketing Specialist

A University of Leicester Economics Graduate with over 30 years of proven experience in executing successful business growth and sales elevation practices.

Andrew has held corporate and strategic business development roles within both marketing, customer communication agencies and blue-chip organisations.

For example, he helped BMW Group’s system integration arm gain a footprint within their then virgin UK market, resulting in £20m worth of new business being generated within the first 18 months.

​Andrew has supported Graham and his businesses since 2001. Initially starting with Ion Group (now Arvato Loyalty); Andrew helped to effect turnover growth of 900% within 5 years; through identifying new business opportunities right through to full proposal and presentation writing and general sales support.

​Andrew’s primary responsibilities include the development and implementation of result-orientated sales and marketing practices; generating rapid and outstanding returns for our clients and supporting corporate clients wishing to grow & / or exit.

​Andrew’s sales acceleration activity has consistently taken client businesses to the next level, often overcoming difficult market conditions whilst bringing Return on Investment at an early stage as well as valuable market insight for clients.

With his extensive sales & marketing experience Andrew's activities continue to deliver increased sales revenue and bottom-line profitability for Caddyshack's clients – from the preparation of targeted prospect letters and follow-up processes, demand generation right through to rapid pipeline building & management.
Andrew has successfully supported tech and startup businesses, digital, social media, PR and marketing agencies, global customer communication organisations, business consultancies.

Andrew is also a HubSpot certified partner program user.

Financial Advisor


Adding Value through our Partnerships

Caddyshack Marketing enjoys long-standing partner relationships with Accountancy, Capital Investment Funds, Private Equity and Legal firms.

So if your business requires investment funding or new clients for growth situations or even requires vendor/buyer sourcing; we can help.

Get in touch on how to discuss how we can help.