• Andrew Johnson

GKRM – The First Step to Successful B2B Prospecting

You may not have realised but Receptionists and Personal Assistants are probably the most important contacts you will ever need to deal with in the pursuit of C-Suite contacts.

Never was this truer during a period when most staff are working remotely and expected to do so post lockdown. Making it increasingly difficult to engage your target audience directly.

Through 30 years of B2B demand generation experience, I know that it is nice to be nice. Especially when it comes to engaging with Gatekeepers (Receptionists, Personal Assistants, etc) – Gatekeeper Relationship Management (GKRM).

Gatekeepers need to be respected.

* Sales and Marketing contacts come and go – Gatekeepers tend to be a permanent fixture.

* Gatekeepers might as well be ‘Second in Command’.

* They know what goes on in every area of the business

* They tend to have close confidant relationships with their C-Suite colleagues and the Board

* They are one of the mainstays of any business.

* They are also a font of knowledge i.e., establishing the right contacts to engage, the current state of the business, future strategy, etc.

Some years ago, I was able to secure an important prospect meeting for a BMW Group owned technology business, following months of engagement with a helpful PA.

On (finally) securing the key stakeholder meeting, I arranged for a box of chocolates and flowers to be delivered to the PA.

To say this went down well would be an understatement. At the start of the meeting, the key stakeholders praised my colleagues on our diligence, persistence, and kindness.

The result – the signing of a multi-million-pound contract.

Small details matter in successful B2B prospecting – be nice to Gatekeepers – they are your ticket to success.

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